Hitting High Notes

Flourishing in the City of Dreams.


 William Casanova is an artist trying to make it in Los Angeles post-American Idol experience.  You can find him singing at the Santa Monica Promenade singing for cash or somewhere in LA filming a music video.


“Don’t Save Her” by William Casanova


A memory that stood out to me was being able to go out and be on a music video set. I was able to take pictures of the filming process and actually feel how my potential career could be. While there were some struggles in the process, I had to work around these obstacles and find a solution and new ideas. Since it was my first time, I was not really sure what I was supposed to do and could not figure out what kind of angles I was supposed to get. It definitely taught me to brainstorm photo ideas before shoots and especially for music videos. It was cool to be able to work with an artist that was on American Idol and is potentially “famous” on social media since he is verified. Just getting to know the lifestyle, I would say it’s interesting what the process looks like for each person.

To Your Ears, From My Soul